go for something small.

"you wanna do something tonight?"
"no, i don't get what the big deal about halloween is. it's stupid."
"you know, people dress up, and what? why?"
"people at work kept asking me if i was gonna dress up. 'what are you gonna be for halloween?' like i was eight years old or something."

"where do you wanna eat?"
"i don't know. i'm not really that hungry. i ate just a little bit ago. i could go for something small, i guess."
"something small. well, should i go right?"
"yeah, just take a right."
"well, do you wanna go to that indian place where we went last time?"
"yeah, that's fine."
"we could also go to the volunteer park cafe."
"yeah! let's go there. i haven't been there yet."
"yeah, i've heard it's good."
"it is good."

"i really should do something. get some exercise."
"lizzie was telling me all these things she does."
"like what? oh, she does that bike group, right? what else?"
"she was saying she's taking a web design class. she volunteers at a soup kitchen. and i think that was it, but you know, that's still a lot! i should do something like that."
"yeah. you should."
"i was thinking about taking a dance class or something."
"i've talked about doing a hip-hop class, but i never went through with it."
"yeah, that could be fun."
"i guess i'd be sending out the wrong message, though."
"maybe just a little bit."

"this place is cute. i like this place."
"yeah, it's nice, right?"
"yeah, you should hang out here more often."
"i know. i should."
"way to take advantage of seattle."

"where did you get those dvds?"
"i work for a salvage company, and there was this one building that had a trunk in an attic full of them. so we just helped ourselves."
"where's your girlfriend?"
"well, she didn't really feel like going out, and she doesn't like scary movies, so she's just at home."
"yeah, i knew you'd be up for some slasher films, so that's why i called you up."
"i'm always up for some slasher films."

"look at that moon!"
"yeah, it looks intense."

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