let's go to graduate school! hurray!

it was time to get something new started, so i went to the career center. i wanted an advisor to look over my resume, maybe tell me that i was worth a damn.

"i have an appointment. with you, i think."
"are you sure? for right now?"
"yeah, i booked it online."
"hmm. i don't see anything here. you sure it was for today?"
"pretty sure."
"have a seat."

i sat down in his office. he kept looking at some webpage, trying to figure out if i had made the appointment with him or not. as he switched between tabs, i thought, in the time that it's taking him to figure out if i've made an appointment or not, he could've just looked at my resume. he confirmed that i made the appointment for friday and asked if i might come back then. i told him i could.

i went to the writing center. the receptionist, an asian girl, was on a call. there was also a redhead, and she was sorting and stapling papers. when the asian girl got off the phone, she asked if i had an appointment.

"no. i'd like to make one."
"have you been in before?"
"who would you like to meet with?"
"well," i said, "can alumni make appointments?"
"i'm not sure," she said. she looked at the redhead, and the redhead shrugged. "the director will be here in an hour, and i can ask him if that's allowed. i could email you or you could come back in an hour."
"could you email me?"
"great. thanks."

and that's what happens when you want to do something else in life. you've gotta ask for help, and you've gotta play dumb. because that's what most people expect you to be: dumb.

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