monogamous by nature.

we decided to get a cab. my friend was too drunk to drive, so we decided we'd get a cab. it was already 3 a.m., and we didn't want to wait in that heated car forever. i didn't want to fall asleep in that car. i wanted to be in bed and underneath my macy's level 3 comforter, and i wanted to sleep for twelve hours straight. i wouldn't have been able to sleep for twelve hours in the car. i would've gotten two at best. we said we should get a cab.

"should i call for one?"
"i'll bet we can just find one on the street. see, there's one now."

i waved him over, and we got in. we slipped into the backseat together, and he asked us where to. my friend said she needed to go near 23rd and john, and he wasn't sure what she was talking about. he was an ethiopian guy, this cab driver. i told him to take us to madison valley, please. he knew where madison valley was, and he hit it.

it was 3 a.m., so there was no traffic out. by the time we reached denny, the meter was only at $4. i didn't think it was gonna be so bad. he drove us all the way up denny, and then he went down john, i think. he made a right on 29th, and after a few blocks, my friend told him to stop. we had already made it to where she lived. we said goodnight, and she got out of the car. the driver asked me where i was going, and i told him columbia city.

i don't remember much about what we talked about. i think that we talked about relationships. i told him i asked a girl for her number that night, but that it didn't work out the way i had planned. nothing seemed to be going my way. i was drunk enough to tell him everything, this ethiopian cab driver. he thought i was talking about the girl, my friend, who we had just dropped off. i told him no, it wasn't her.

he told me about his girlfriend, how they had been together for a year and a half. i told him that was good. he told me that he thought men weren't monogamous by nature. a man likes what he likes, he seemed to say. he said that his relationship was a lot of work, but that mostly, he just liked sex. i laughed, and i was getting along with his guy. we had things in common.

he dropped me off, and i told him good luck to him and his girl. he told me that he cheats on her. all the time. i laughed at that too, drunk as i was. i gave him a small tip, and then i told him goodnight.

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