what is environmental justice?

the woman was so stupid. she was a professor of law, but she couldn't relate to other people. she took a good forty-minutes, recounting all the horrors in the world, all the shit that most students - unless they had been living in a bomb shelter - had already known about. of course they put landfills closer to poor people's homes, and people of color. of course we were consuming too much for our own damn good. we're unhappy and live beyond our means? you don't say.

last week, my friend said he had to go to wal-mart to buy a tv stand. he thought that i would be morally opposed to it, but honestly, i didn't have the same angst in me anymore. who fucking cared? wal-mart's gonna do what wal-mart's gonna do, and there ain't a goddamn thing you can do about it. who's gonna stop them? it ain't gonna be you, and it ain't gonna be me, so let's just shut up about it already.

the woman was going on and on and nobody was listening. everyone was on facebook, or else reading something better. who wanted to hear a monotone white woman reading letters written by oppressed guatemalans? i wanted to know what kind of car she drove, what she made in a year. it made me remember some movie i once saw, maybe it was traffic, where some suit was being accused of corruption. he yelled something along the lines of, "corruption is what keeps you and me from fighting in the street!" the man had a point.

i have no idea what this woman did. maybe she donated a good portion of her income to organizations. but i haven't yet heard of an organization that didn't waste its time fundraising and networking than actually carrying out its mission. on some level, she must have known that she was part of the problem. the topic was environmental justice, and there she was, preaching to a room full of laptops.

i'll admit i am part of the problem. just by writing this, i am implicated.

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