wing dome.

the three of us couldn't decided where to eat. seattle was a big city with a lot of restaurants, so it was tough to decide. where to go, where to go. "let's go to the wingdome." we could all agree on that. inside the wing dome, a lot of people were eating. we didn't wanna sit next to the window because it would've been too cold. "i'll bus a table for you guys," the waitress offered. we said okay, and then we stood there for a while.

we finally got to sit down to eat, and i couldn't decide what i wanted. our waiter, a small man with an orange shirt, asked if we were ready. we said sure, even though i wasn't sure. sometimes you just say "sure" and hope that things work out okay. i ended up ordering 10 wings. "what kind of wings?" the small man said. i said, "what?" and he repeated the question. i still couldn't hear him. i thought he said, "how many?" or else "what kind of beans?" and i was confused. i just got what my friend got.

the subject came to me wanting to return my xbox 360. i have no use for it. i have had an xbox 360 for about three months now, and i failed to see the point of me owning one. i used it to watch movies and play video games, and so what? video games are a bore. i am going to be twenty-seven years old, and video games are for children. what else is there to say on the matter? the time has come for a man such as myself to grow old and boring and to not be so entranced by cartoon characters killing one another.

the subject turned to me once again, and how i like to get rid of everything i own. it was true. i used to collect comic books, compact discs, stamps, baseball cards, concert and movie ticket stubs, etc. and then i grew tired of them as well, and i no longer needed them in my life. it was difficult at first, saying goodbye, but after a little while, i realized that i didn't miss any of it. one has to ask himself such seemingly stupid questions, though, from time to time. it's entirely necessary.

when i pass on to the next life, what is going to become of all the useless things i've acquired over the years?

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