mas ma dalas.

the flight was longer than usual. post-grad, the in-flight movie, might've been watchable had it not been for the turbulence. instead, i watched episodes of how i met your mother and the brothers bloom. i listened to my ipod. i talked to my seatmate, a lawyer from ecuador. i brushed my teeth, tried to sleep, drank water and ate adobo. i looked down at the dark pacific and up at the bright lights. and that's how i spent sixteen hours.

first day back in manila, i stayed up as long as possible. i refused to get jet-lagged or have my sleep schedule all thrown off. we did breakfast at the hotel, lunch at amber (pichi pichi chaka pancit), dinner at zuni (escargot salad, french onion soup, roasted seabass). i bought another pair of onitsuka tigers (ultimate 81s) and felt like a materialistic fool. but whatever. i am owed something.

i tried talking to tony the driver in tagalog. i asked him about the clubs along roxas blvd., the ones i knew were mostly titty bars. in tagalog, i asked him if those were "nasty" clubs. he said they were clubs where the girls dance. i nodded. he then voluntarily added that my uncle rebel liked to visit those places. i asked about my uncle tim. "mas ma dalas," he said, meaning, "he goes even more often."

grace took me to her coworker marco's christmas party. grace's coworker and friend, arissa, drove us. when we got in the car, arissa had been crying. she said that she had just gotten in a fight with some guy, and i assumed she was talking about her boyfriend. arissa and my cousin talked about filipino celebrities, and then arissa asked how long i was staying. i answered, and then grace said i loved the philippines. arissa said that when she was in the states, she loved the states. she shopped at old navy in san francisco for two hours.

marco had a giant house. he lived with his whole family in green hills. he had a three week old baby, and he served his guests barbecue, paella, pancit and some other stuff. after we ate, they decided they would play some games. one of the games was for people to tie eggplants around their waists and then knock a box of matches across the floor. it was supposed to be funny because the eggplants were supposed to be like giant penises.

they told me to join the second game. for the second game, a guy named happy tied some string around my waist, and then there was a hot dog dangling in front of my pants. again, it was supposed to resemble a penis. seven of us guys wore these hot dogs, and then we were matched up with girls who would then eat said hot dogs. i didn't have a match, so i was ready to sit down, but then this girl named rio came up to me, and she was all ready to eat that hot dog. she lost that round, and then she gave me a thumbs up and peace sign after the game was over. she then went on to win the third game, which was a banana deep-throating contest.

i went to the mall of asia (moa) and i went to razon's. in tagalog, i ordered a pancit plus and halo halo all by myself. i was pretty proud of myself, but then the clerk asked me in english if i had extra pesos. i said i didn't. i asked my cousin what the deal was, why i couldn't pass for a local yet. she said my intonation was off. i was an american, and that was that. still, the halo halo was superb (as always).

we took the car to the airport (20 min.), then the plane to kalibog (1 hr.), then the bus to caticlan (1 hr.), and then a boat to boracay (5 min.). the bus almost hit a small dog, and i gasped when it happened, so i guess i'm not a sociopath. but the boat part was intense. i thought i had been on a boat before, but apparently, i hadn't. it was a speed boat, and we hit huge bumps and the salty wind slapped my face to where it became kind of difficult to breathe. before the panic could really set in, though, the ride was over.

at the century hotel, i went to the gym and this guy named erwin talked to me a little bit. my tagalog is awful, so i couldn't say much to him. i told him willie from wowowee was rich, but i think he already knew that. i saw my cousin aileen and my nephew milo and my aunt ampy. i asked aileen when her days off were, and she said she didn't work anymore, so that i should give her a call whenever. k.c. concepcion had her own show on abs-cbn, but milo said he preferred stairway to heaven on the gma network instead. it starred rhian ramos and ding dong dantes.

now i'm in boracay and i should be doing something other than blogging.

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