a new dope.

i just caught the tail end of your president's speech. where's the hope now? where are the hip kids who were hugging each other and crying tears of joy on election night? where's the office banter, all that talk about change and a new, brighter tomorrow? sounds like the fight just got moved 1,428 miles east. he ain't for you no more. he ain't for any of us. went and got himself a d.c. job, some d.c. clothes.

but i don't know what i'm talking about, do i? no, of course not. only you do, with your subscription to the times, your plethora of cable news channels, your npr, your advanced degrees and liberal stubborness. he knows what he's doing. you can trust him. he's a man of color, superbly educated, and he talks good, so he must have a plan.

but i can only speak from what i know. i've seen why we fight. i saw what happened to carcetti. and that was enough. i had seen enough. anyway, what's the point of arguing? all it does is give me high-blood pressure, and hypertension is the number one killer for my age and race.

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