get what you want.

the philippines got awesome again. it's not hard for it to become awesome. i just went out drinking with my nieces and nephews, and it got awesome. we went to my cousin's bar again, the v.i.p. room, and they ordered whatever they wanted - drinks, steaks, fish, nachos - all on the house. we sang our heads off, we played drinking card games, we took pictures and got out of control. for my birthday, they talked about doing a boys' night out. we'll probably go to the puta house.

it was a nice change from hanging out with my other cousin who has to ask her mom if she can stay out late. twenty-nine years old, and she has to ask her mom if she can go to a club. if her mom says no, i can still go, but i'd be hanging out with her friends, and it'd be weird. so i said, fuck it. who's twenty-nine and still has a curfew? absolutely ridiculous. thank god for my nieces and nephews, my pamangkins, who know how to tear shit up and have a great time, despite being broke.

we rode in a van, and there were eleven of us. at 11, brent was the youngest, but he still came along to the bar. ram said, "uncle, you sing 'open arms' like you did last time." jerome, jam's boyfriend said, "for your birthday, what do you want? dancing? girls? party?" lahat, i said, meaning "everything." they laughed (they love it when i speak tagalog) and we clinked bottles and we drank and drank some more. it was ftw.

jam was hesitant about letting jerome go out with me for boys night out. they've been together for five years, and they plan on getting married in 2011. she said, "uncle, you will come to the wedding when we get married?" i told her of course i would. and then they said, "you will come back again next december?" and i said maybe. i said i wanted to, but i wasn't sure. i haven't seen my other cousins for two christmases now.

we took pictures and covered each others' faces. i got darlene, as red as she was, to take a picture with me. j.r. and i belted out some love ballads. jam asked me if it was lonely in america, and i admitted that it was. i accidentally spilled beer on someone's cell phone and brent accidentally spilled sprite on my pants. they kept ordering food and more food because my cousin jun-jun said, "get what you want."

around 2 a.m., they drove me back to the hotel while blasting "bad romance" so loud that my ears hurt. and it was legendary.

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