give the rest away.

what's in my backpack? in my bedroom in my parents' house, there's half a closet full of jackets, sweaters, shirts, and one suit. there's some underwear, a red striped tie, a swiss army knife and pocketwatch, a full-sized bed, a stack of books on the closet floor, a subwoofer in the closet, a lamp, four poems tacked to the wall, a 2005 graduation tassel, a stuffed bear and roger rabbit, a sleeping bag, a stereo, a small rug, a small black table, a shelf and a half of records, and that's about it.

in my apartment in seattle, there's clothes, a guitar and case, a television and stand, a laptop and stand, an external hard drive, a queen-sized bed, a level 3 comforter, a couch, three chairs that don't belong to me, some kitchenware, a bicycle, a suitcase, a fan, refrigerator and oven (not mine), an iphone, wireless router and modem, my friend's x-box, electric toothbrush and charger, towels, curtains, a passport, and a record bag.

just about everything i own is replaceable. if i set the backpack on fire, there would be no big loss or sadness. it'd just be an inconvenience. it'd give me an excuse to upgrade to a macbook, a terabyte and a half hard drive. s lighter, faster, more expensive bicycle. a guild guitar made in america. i'm still set out to prove that the things i own don't own me, but maybe i'm wrong. i might be wrong.

i didn't have a couch for the longest time. for maybe two months, i had nothing in my apartment except for a bed and a laptop. my friends said, "how do you live like this?" i got called a "hipster," and two women commented on how it looked like maybe a serial killer lived here. i got talked into buying a couch. a friend said that i should buy a couch, so that i could have people over. and so i bought a couch, and then i had some people over. and then that friend moved away.

i decided somewhere in my early to mid-twenties that i shouldn't own anything. i didn't want material things tying me down. i knew i was gonna move from this place to that, and that whatever job i took, i was only gonna work at it for a couple of years. it was pointless to own things, since i knew that wherever i was wasn't home yet, that i wasn't going to settle down until i had a reason to.

so for now, i'll take what i want and give the rest away.

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beastmomma said...

You are very committed to your Mr. Cleaner philosophy. BTW, I unpacked two boxes that you helped me pack and shipped to me. It was so nice to have a stocked pantry and spice cabinet.