hello, an explanation.

for the entire month of march (or however long i feel like it), i'm going to document everything with photos followed by a caption that reads: hello, (whatever it is i'm looking at). i think that if you have been reading all along, you are probably tired of me going on and on about what it's like living in a fishbowl. i recently finished the elegance of the hedgehog, and this idea of the fishbowl was in it. the idea of the fishbowl is that basically, when we become adults, most of us end up as goldfish in a fishbowl. that's pretty much how i feel. the borders of my bowl are seward park, the end of broadway, bellevue and downtown. so, instead of reading about what it's like being in a fishbowl, you can just see for yourself.

also, one last comment: photo blogs are annoying.

hello, side of the columbia center plaza.

hello, link light rail.

hello, girl reading a confederacy of dunces.

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beastmomma said...

I am enjoying the "hello" series!