you must be out of your mind.

i am done with shows, at least for now. as of right now, i hold one ticket to a sold out magnetic fields show tonight at town hall. instead of getting excited about the show, i'm going to sell it to some girl who's going to meet me at starbucks in less than an hour. i don't know why i don't want to go. they were one of my favorite bands for a long time, but now they're just something i can only tolerate every now and then. i probably overplayed 69 love songs. i'm always doing things like that.

i've watched youtube clips of their live performances, and well, they look kind of boring. and what's most annoying is that people apparently laugh throughout their shows. who does that? it's a concert, not a comedy show. and anyway, it will probably just make me sad to go, since most their songs remind me of a past me, someone who is no longer there. i'd much rather go to a hip-hop show where more of the people in the crowd would be brown-skinned, look like me. tonight, i'd rather fall asleep, do math, or read my book. i feel 1,000 years old.

but this is all equally boring to you. to you, i might as well be stephen merritt up on that stage. i googled my own blog today, and i found a little discussion on it. someone who had read some entry i posted said that i sounded like a "rude, selfish person, who takes everything in life for granted." pretty much hit the nail on the head, and fool didn't even know me. he ended with, "what else is new?" there is nothing new here. nothing new to report. nothing new to read.

but tonight, i'll probably make some stranger happy. she will, after all, get a ticket to a sold out show at town hall. she might even be canadian, based on the way she pronounced "about." so, if i can make some canadian stranger off craigslist happy by selling her a ticket to a sold out show at town hall, well then, that will make my night. i will go to bed knowing that i have made a difference in the world.

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