young forever.

saturday night, we were sitting in her car. we had a bag of wendy's and we stopped at a chevron because the clerk forgot to give us straws. i ran into chevron, and i grabbed some straws. it was strange, to go into a store, take what i needed, and not have to pay for it. what would straws cost, anyway? i thought about it. some paper and plastic, freebies at any grocery store. five cents, maybe? i'm thinking less, maybe two cents? but what's the cost to the environment, you hippie liberal?

so we were sitting there, eating fries and trying to suck our frosties (hers chocolate, mine vanilla) through said straws. i gave up and used a spoon. parked at a gas station on rainier on a saturday night, eating junk food. we were children, nothing more, and i liked it. "have you heard jay-z's version of 'forever young?'" she asked. i said no, even though i've had blueprint 3 on my ipod for months. she played it. it was the first verse of alphaville's "forever young." i brought up napoleon dynamite. we agreed the song was awful.

walking back from pcc this morning, i listened to it again. the song itself minus jay-z brought back a whole flood of memories. mostly the 80s. i thought of my cousin eric and his star wars bedding, how he told me once that bill and ted's bogus journey was "all about the hell scenes." i thought of my other cousin claire and her poofy bangs, and how she'd make me listen to new kids on the block with her. it'd be nighttime, and we'd put our heads up against the speakers, and just sit there. i thought of molly ringwald and anthony michael hall and white kids just like them with rolled up sleeves. i thought how it was weird everyone has his own perception of the 80s, and how everyone perceives it differently, but yet still the same. something so real we could eat it.

yesterday, too, i finally watched happenstance, even though i had owned the movie for a number of years and sold it a number of years ago. i watched it once in college, but i was so infatuated with a girl at the time that i couldn't even focus on it. so yesterday, i watched it all the way through, really paid attention to it, and i thought it was a decent film. so this is single life, i thought. being able to appreciate good foreign cinema on a saturday during the day.

it was so sunny out that i had to go outside, otherwise i would feel miserable about having spent a rare sunny day indoors. i pictured myself reading outside the st. ignatius chapel on my lunch break. i do that there, i thought, well, why not in my own neighborhood? the book i'm currently reading is the elegance of the hedgehog, and it's amazing. there's this scene in the book where the protagonist, a small french girl, is watching synchronized divers on the television. they jump, and they're out of sync. she yells at the tv, "go on, catch up with her! go on!" the book has helped me remember that there is some real comedy left in the world, real absurdity.

only confirming this, i spent sunday afternoon birdwatching with two women.

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