hello, this is going to be amazing or not at all.

on the phone, my mom asked what i ate today. i don't know why she always asks that.

victoria and i went to a sushi place called miyabi. i was skeptical because it was located in tukwila, next to a toys 'r us. we talked about how toys 'r uses are usually dirty and poorly lit. why's toys 'r us always like that?

i was at banana republic at southcenter mall. i couldn't justify spending $69.50 on a checkered shirt i wanted.

at finish line, i asked about the nike lunar glides, and if those were the only colors they had. a black clerk told me he'd seen other colors online. he said he'd be happy to check at another store for me, or else order online for me. i said i'd look them up online myself, and he look hurt. like the internet was destroying all businesses, all our lives.

alone in my apartment, i watched a baller from michigan state hit a three point buzzer beater for the win. i screamed in amazement.

the health care bill passed today, and i was glad to read that 33 million americans would now have health insurance. i thought about how i didn't like hearing or reading "an historical moment." shouldn't it be "a historical moment?"

i drank an i.p.a. at 11:30 in the morning. i wish i had ordered the oatmeal stout, instead. ross pointed to his oatmeal stout, and he said, "this is my first meal," and then he pointed towards the kitchen, "and that will be my second."

the author of ask for a convertible, danit brown, returned my facebook message and accepted my friend request. she said that it would not be worth going into debt for an mfa in creative writing. since i like her book, and think she is smart because of the way she writes, i am going to take her advice.

i downloaded third eye blind's self-titled album. while it's not amazing at all, listening to "graduate" makes me remember 8th grade, and how i was ready for life then, ready to burst, full of so much hope and excitement.

i was at nordstrom rack, and i was again disappointed by the lack of choices for men.

i was at target and i bought low-cut socks and a pair of shorts. i've never purchased low-cut socks before, but there's a first time for everything. victoria and i talked for a long time about how target is amazing. sure, they're probably just as bad as (if not worse than) wal-mart, environmentally, capitalistically, blah-blah-blah-y speaking, but i find something comforting about the place. the way it's set up, i could be twelve years old and in sacramento and not even know it.

there was a great itchy and scratchy short called koyaani-scratchy: death of out balance on the simpsons tonight. i liked it because i've seen koyaanisqatsi.

i ate a mrs. fields cookie. i don't think i'd eaten once since i was in high school. it wasn't as good as i remember. i remember the cookie being bigger and warmer.

i put on lotion and i thought that i should've bought the lavender kind instead of vanilla.

i put on my green american apparel sweatshirt, and i thought to myself that i sure do wear this thing a lot.

i was sitting on some bench at the southcenter mall. i was waiting for victoria, who was shopping at h&m and forever 21. there was another guy there, and then a young woman showed up, and then, across from me, an older woman and her child. i thought that this meant something. that the five of us had been brought together for a reason. we were all just sitting there, and they, too, were probably waiting for somebody else they had shown up with. but it was strange, the five of us sitting there in a little square, facing each other, like fate had brought us all together. i'm sure all of them had interesting stories. something each one could tell me that would make me laugh, something that could break my heart. but instead, we continued to just sit there, and we avoided eye contact. we didn't even say hello or introduce ourselves. it was a sunday afternoon in tukwila of all places, and five strangers had been brought together in a specific spot at a specific time in the whole universe. imagine! the world has been spinning for billions of years, there are millions of cities, thousands of malls, billions of people, and then it just came down to the five of us. most likely, i will never see any of those people ever again, and even if i wanted to, with all the technology we have today, i still wouldn't be able to. that's it. can you believe it? the short amount of time we share within infinity, the number of people who enter and exit our lives, the ever-expanding universe, the massive size of a city, and that's that.

miracles brushed off as ordinary.

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