a change from our office.

i was walking with my two coworkers to the coffee shop. i knew i'd have nothing to contribute to the meeting, but i went anyway with the promise of a free tea and cookie. the two of them talked about some conference or something, and i just kept quiet. it was a little windy, but not cold. it had been really nice out earlier, and students were out sunbathing in the quad. i was about a head taller than each of them, and i felt strange walking among two older, shorter women. that's just the nature of the business, though.

we went into the coffee shop, stumptown, and i ordered a chai and a chocolate chip cookie with some other ingredient. the clerk was movie star-gorgeous with pink hair and tattoos. could've been a suicide girl. we all ordered the same cookie. we sat down and they started talking about mad men. i went into my cookie, and i wished my chai was sweeter. we then talked about a social justice proposal, and that it was a bad idea to make volunteering mandatory at our school, especially for staff. i didn't understand most of the proposal, to be honest. it had stuff about how social justice is neither progressive nor conservative, and that it takes place at the local, national, and global levels. huh?

after some more talk about the proposal and television shows, we went to a mother's place across the street so my boss could get her baby. we went into the nursery, and it was a weird sight. all these random ass infants just rolling around, crying, playing with blocks. all those kids there because their parents gotta work. there was an asian lady bottle feeding a baby. two younger women were playing with the infants. a whole place of new life. what a change from our office, my coworker remarked. my boss put a sweater on her baby. can i hold her, i said.

i picked her up. i only recently learned how to hold a child, as my older cousin now has two kids. i was in the grocery store, and i was curious about holding a kid. forget about changing diapers or buckling up a car seat. i had to start with the basics. my younger cousin showed me how. here, he said, just make her sit on your forearm like that. i did it, and i was amazed at holding a human being the way i did, and i thought about a bird perched on a pirate's shoulder.

haha, my coworker said, i wish i had my camera right now. you're just walking down the street holding a baby, she said. the baby's face was all splotchy and she had some crumbs next to her ear. she had a bald spot on the back of her head, but her eyes were big and dark. we got to the law school and there was this law professor outside the entrance. professor put her arms up at the sight of the baby. isn't life wonderful, she said.

and at the time, even though i didn't think it was, i thought that maybe, just maybe, it could be.

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