come in on saturday.

motherfucking saturday and i had to be at work. woke up hella early, like 6 and shit, and the sun wasn't even up. why i had to be there? our department was hiring for a fellowship, and boss needed someone there to put up signs. really. signs. and the thing of it was, i had already put the signs up the night before, friday, before i left. so there was no reason. but i accepted coming in anyway so that i could not use up all the vacation time i spent in sac.

she was being hella crazy about it, too. like, when she saw the classroom where the interviews were going to be held, she flipped out because we couldn't move the tables. she was all, like, how can we arrange it so that it doesn't seem so oppressive in here? and i was like, i dunno. maybe we can move one or two and make a small square of tables. and she was like, good idea. and i was like, okay, good thing i came in on a saturday to help with this terribly important situation.

black girl from bon appetit came in to set up snacks. i could tell she was listening to ke$ha's "tik tok" because i heard "dj blow my speakers up" blasting on her headphones. i was gonna be like, ke$ha, huh? but i decided against it. the garbage cans in the room were all full, and boss asked black girl to empty them. black girl was like, nu uh, we don't touch that. and i was like, damn, how hard is it to empty some fucking trash cans? i removed the cans myself and replaced them with empty ones from our office.

the whole morning, i did nothing else but look at reddit. so, you know, same as any other day. it was rainy out and i had a sounders game to look forward to at noon. friend of mine got free sounders tickets, so she was like, wanna go? and i was like, yeah, why the hell not. i got hungry around 10:30 and i went to starbucks. a blonde girl who looked familiar was coming up the stairs, and we looked right at each other. she didn't say shit or even smile though, so neither did i. i knew her, though. part of me knew she was one of the applicants and it was gonna be awkward when we were both sitting alone in the office together on account of me not saying anything to her as she came up the stairs.

i went to starbucks, hoping for a yogurt, but then i was like, a yogurt isn't gonna fill this hunger i'm having. so i went to ginger lime, but those fuckers didn't open until 11. when i went back to starbucks, a line had formed, so by then, i was just like, fuck it. starve. thought about what i was gonna say to megan, the applicant i didn't say hello to on the stairs. what was there to say? back in the office, she said, hey i'm megan, i'm a little early. and i was like, yeah, i saw you coming up the stairs but i...didn't...notice. yeah, i said that. just like that, too. i'm a fucking idiot.

around 11:05 megan started to worry since her interview was at 11:00. she said, should i just go upstairs and wait? and i said, no, they'll call me when they're ready for you. and she said, okay, sorry for being so anxious! and i was like, no, don't worry about it. everybody all anxious about everything. boss with her unmovable tables, applicants with interviews, my cousin trying to figure out whether or not he can pull off a long-sleeved shirt underneath a short-sleeved plaid button-down. how about we just do nothing instead and forget about it?

took the 49 down to nordstrom, then lightrail to qwest stadium. hadn't been there since june 2005, graduation. friend was like, we have to take the elevator to the club level. we got to the club level and game was already in progress. was still hella hungry, so i went and got some food. $27.50 for two beers, bad nachos, and an even worse hot dog. as the clerk poured the $8.50 haywire in the plastic cup, i immediately thought about how i was gonna blog about it with some profound message about where we are as a society when citizens can justifiably spend $8.50 on a beer. but i have nothing to say on the matter now.

neither team scored for the first 90 minutes. it was boring as shit, and i hoped a fight would break out. friend said soccer can't be considered a real sport since other countries are so much better at it than we are. finally, the sounders scored and then it was all over. there were 35,000 fans, and i couldn't believe so many people were spending their saturday at qwest field. 35,000 fools and none of us matters and we're going to die and there's no god and no afterlife, and we'll have spent our saturdays drinking overpriced beer at a sporting event that nobody really cares about where some guy kicks a ball past another guy and it's caught by a net. i wanted the passion found in other places like that one country where they killed the player who accidentally scored on his own team. now there's a sport. there's living.

friend and i parted ways, and it was weird, as it always is. every time we get together, it's like we've just met each other for the first time. i got on the lightrail, went home and took a nap. i woke up, and with another friend, went to a bar called bleachers, had a pizza at olympia pizza, went home and watched religulous. woke up today and thought again about how i should quit my job even though i don't have any other plans because who cares about retirement and resumes, saving and spending, putting up signs and printing stuff out, pretending like i have a job that matters, that i matter, that this is better than nothing, that the economy is bad, that i shouldn't take risks.

sometimes, like kevin garnett, you just have to get in a bitch's face and hit that bitch even though it's only game one. your team's gonna win anyway, and there's only 40 seconds left on the clock, and really, who gives a fuck even if you lose?

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