taylor gang or die.

i don't feel like doing any work today, so i'm not gonna. it's friday anyway, so who the hell cares. yesterday, i skipped out on tutoring because i really needed a nap. my coworker is looking at blogs and folding cranes. she bought origami from a paper store because she wants to have a hobby at her desk, inspired by lester freamon on the wire. that's how boring our jobs are. making paper cranes makes her day go by faster. this morning, there were bagels and fruit available outside of c5. that was pretty good.

when i was in sac, i found a chapbook from my poetry class. this girl named mary had written a poem about her dad taking a piss and then slipping on some rocks. from what she wrote, it sounded like he fucking died, and that she's always felt like it was her fault. it was a good poem, though. even i knew that much. our poetry teacher took a line from her poem and used it as the title. the line he took was that part is good.

i went to the dentist yesterday to get a cavity filled. after the shot of novocaine, his assistant said, half your bottom lip should feel numb. i told her it did. the dentist said, this is gonna be real quick, the cavity isn't that deep. and it took him like five minutes. the receptionist charged me $56. last time, i think it was her, she offered me a toy from the toy box. this time, she didn't say shit. maybe because it was too early and she didn't wanna have to chit chat.

i read a little bit of awareness again. i always pick that shit up, read a little bit, and then i put that shit away. tony demello said that we're never really in love. the only thing we're ever really in "love" with is our idea of a person. and when that person lets us down, we never say, i had such lousy judgment! instead, we say, how could you have let me down like that? i told my friend about this, since she is in love, and she didn't believe it. she said, he's just a dumb dead jesuit priest who's never been in love!

i started working on a letter to this girl i went to college with, since she wrote me one. i ain't had shit to say, though. i got nothing on my mind these days. feel like lighting a fatty and getting a bucket of chicken, wash it down with a big gulp. i told my coworker this, and she said, that sounds like a really great way to spend a thursday night! and i was just like, hella. what else you gonna do, you know? try to get a situation, study for some fucking tests? get a better-paying job with more responsibility? what a bunch of bullshit.

they're seriously paying us to sit here. it's like grade school all over again. but instead of sitting still for that report card, that good citizenship, we're sitting, waiting on that paycheck. how ridiculous is life.

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