i'm a hugger.

the bowl was whack. it was supposed to be banging, but it was whack. we took a cab there, spent $25 to have the dude drop us off at a nearby park. we had to piss. "there's people here," i said. "so?" i had a whole pitcher of sangria and two margaritas welling up inside my bladder, so i had to unload. like a dog, i went on a tree trunk for a good minute and a half. "hurry up!" he said. "i'm trying," i said. i couldn't stop peeing. it was the pee of my life, brought tears to my eyes.

"let's pop in here," he said. "this place has to go cups." i had to get more cash out of the atm. by then, i'd already racked up nearly $30 in non-chase atm fees. i took out $40, knowing i'd blow it on drinks or something else. there was always something to blow money on. he handed me a to go cup. "let's bounce," he said. "dude," i said, "we're drinking fucking beer on the street. what the fuck is this?" "i know," he said, "isn't it fucking awesome?"

we got to the bowl, and there was a line outside the place. "let's kill this first," he said. "we've got styrofoam cups," i said. "i could just be drinking a pepsi." "nah," he said, "they know what's up." we stood in front of some building with graffiti all over it, and we finished our beers. "i hope this shit isn't whack," he said. "if it's whack, we'll just go somewhere else." "no doubt."

we went in, and there was a decent crowd, but not big enough for him. "this shit is dead," he said. "it's fine," i said. we met up with some girls he knew, marisa and michelena. marisa hugged him, and then there was a moment where we couldn't decide whether to hug or handshake. she put her arms around me. "i'm a hugger," she said. michelena and i shook hands.

we got some more beers, and i texted back and forth with another dude who was supposed to meet up with us there. in the meantime, i talked with michelena. she was this small blonde thing, cute enough, and she said she had just gotten laid off from her job in social media marketing or public relations or some other such thing i wasn't familiar with. my friend and i had our meeting on the mound. "what are my chances here?" i asked. "not good," he said, "she's only into d.j.'s."

the other dude met up with us. "this place is dead," he told him. "we're gonna bounce." by then we were all pretty wasted, and we had no idea where to go. i had to be at the airport by 7 a.m., so i wanted to go home. i suggested secrets, the shady queens strip joint. they immediately were into it. "alright," i said, "but we're in and out. none of this getting to know them shit like you pulled last time." "yeah yeah," he said.

when it was all over, it was six a.m. and it was cold. i had makeup smeared all over the front of my shirt, and the ground was still spinning. i had a seven hour flight ahead of me. "that was a great night," the dude said to me. "but it was random."

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