we're all illegal.

so, this school i work for, you know, the one that talks about social justice and equality all the time, has decided not to award a $40,000 fellowship to a female graduate, even though a whole committee nominated her and thought she was the best. from what i've figured out, the school has decided to not give her the fellowship because of her questionable citizenship status. apparently, the school says, sure, you can come to our school and pay us $30,000 in tuition every year for three years, and you can get a piece of paper with our logo on it when you finish, but no, you aren't good enough to be awarded a fellowship that might actually help you start your legal career.

the school is looking out for itself. it's just business. because my god, what might happen if this story broke while she was working at that law firm out there in moses lake? the headline would say: law school awards fellowship to undocumented graduate! and the whole city would be in an uproar. indignant folk would be all like, that fellowship could've gone to an american! no, no, the school couldn't have that. they'll support a professor whose offer to become dean at another school is rescinded based on sexual orientation, but come on, this is an immigration issue! one step at a time. don't blow your social justice load too quickly now, ya hear?

and even though the firm knows about her status, has outright stated that she is completely eligible to work for them, administration is still blocking the offer. and of course it's all hush-hush. can you just imagine if it got out?

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