hollywood kind of way.

my coworker is getting married next month. her fiance is an engineer for microsoft. he gets high tech gadgets and takes them apart. his job has taken him to places in europe and asia. they lived together for a year in japan. that's how come she knows all about weird japanese subcultures like lolitas. she's planning for the wedding, and it's gonna be a small affair in the small town where she grew up, some place called cle elum or something like that. somewhere in middle or eastern washington that out-of-towners like myself know nothing about. what business would i have knowing about a place like cle elum?

from the way she describes it, there's gonna be a bunch of plastic chairs and tables. she's been trying to find a vendor that'll give her a reasonable price, and this time of year, and with the date so close, it's not the easiest thing to do. a few weeks back, she went to portland with some girlfriends to get herself a wedding dress. she said the invitations haven't even gone out yet. maybe they have by now, but the last time she told me, they hadn't gone out yet. her fiance also bought a house in the central district, so they're gonna have to spend the summer fixing that up.

i asked her how they met because i'm curious about things like that. she said she was on a boat on lake union, her brother's boat to be exact, and there was a problem with the boat, like it got stuck or something, and then her fiance showed up and helped them. she said that it took them meeting a few times after that incident out on lake union before he finally asked her out. i said that was a real hollywood kind of way of meeting the person you were gonna marry, and she agreed.

a friend of mine from college is engaged, too. i told her she should register at crate and barrel. i don't know what it is about crate and barrel. the first time i walked in that store, though, i said to myself, so this is marriage. it's all expensive furniture and things i would never be able to afford on my own. so it's been a running gag with me. i pass by a crate and barrel with a friend, and i tell him or her i'm gonna register there one day. and they always say, why? and i say, just look at the place. doesn't that look like married life? and usually they don't get it, and i don't bother explaining it. anyway, my friend from college isn't gonna register at crate and barrel. she isn't gonna register at all. she thinks it's tacky.

it's funny. when i was a kid, i thought all little girls always dreamed about their wedding day. maybe some did, but that just goes to show how little i know about women. i thought they had everything planned out, from the dress they were gonna wear, to the venue, to what color ink on the invitations. now that i know engaged and even married women, it doesn't seem like they're fulfilling any sort of dream at all. it looks like a lot of stress and a lot of work.

as a bachelor, i took a three hour nap after work today. i can do that because there's no one around to tell me that i'm sleeping too much.

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