2 a.m. summer night.

fools from high school wanted to go hang out somewhere, so i asked my cousin where i should meet up with them. he said to go to hoppy brewing. i went there, and it was like almost 9, and they were already closing up shop. i was like, jesus, 9 o'clock and you guys are closing already? but that's how things were in the sacto. jason said we should go to hooters instead, so i said ok. i wanted some wings, beer, and boobs. so we went to hooters, but they were closed, too.

jason and joseph shook hands, and it was weird. they hadn't seen each other in years, and i think we were all thinking how weird it was. like, why did we even bother getting together again? what was the point? we were supposed to just walk away and never see each other again, weren't we? that's how things are supposed to work. we confirmed that hooters on zinfandel was closed, so we had to find another place to go. i yelped it on my phone. there was a billiards place in rancho, and joseph was like, oh yeah, billiards, hell yeah.

so, there i was on a sunday night in rancho at some billiards place i had never been to. it was a real sausage-fest in there, and i didn't expect any different. we played pool, and i was actually good. i told them it was beginner's luck - it always was - and my secret was just to hit the balls as hard as i could and just pray they went where i wanted them to go. we racked them up and jason and i drank beers. joseph said he didn't drink anymore, and we respected that decision. it seemed that our timing was always off. in high school, i never wanted to drink. now, i do.

we talked about jason's job - he records hip-hop artists and teaches audio recording. we talked about other fools we used to know. we said hella and for real and damn a lot. we talked the way we did in high school. i wondered why i couldn't just be satisfied doing this in high school - hanging out with some dudes, shooting pool, drinking beer, and talking nonsense. i couldn't be satisfied then because it wasn't enough for me. i always believed i was too good, too smart and special or whatever, for that kind of loser dilly-dallying.

when we finished pool, we drove around looking for a 24 hour diner. all the places we knew had closed down long ago. we finally found a denny's on howe. we went inside and there were only three other people in the restaurant. the waitress was old and worn and looked like she had seen her fair share of troubles in the world. we ordered food and reminisced a bit more, three asian men who still felt like boys at a denny's in sacramento. joseph asked about jason's girlfriend. he asked if he planned on marrying her. jason said yeah, probably, when the job is a bit more stable.

after we said goodbye, i drove off into the night, and thought about how i would make these summer night drives after working at tower. the streets would be empty, the air cool, and everything closed. that, i think, is the best way of remembering that place.

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