more sex in the future.

what's that? you give blood?
nah, had to get tested for the hiv.
uhh, ok. i mean, i guess everyone should, right?
haha, no, i'm kidding. i'm applying for --, and they asked me to get tested.
what? you're leaving, too?
well, i'm just applying. nothing's official yet.
yeah, you're out of here. you're outta here.

what did i say about eating in here?
you said we're not supposed to.
so put it away.
can i just eat it right now?
no. put the chips back in the box, and put it away.
just one chip?

it's a pretty exciting time to be alive.
what do you mean?
just the technology that's available to us.
oh yeah, right.
i mean, i was in a mall in manila chatting with you on an iphone. instantaneously.
yeah, it's crazy. think about the jetsons. they probably didn't even have cordless phones.

have you been tested for hiv before?
have you had more than one sexual partner in the past year?
then you're probably at low risk.
yeah, i'm pretty sure i don't have it.
do you use condoms?
i've only had one sexual partner ever.
well, if you have more sex in the future, be sure to use condoms. and get tested.

would you like some water?
actually, could i have some tea?
and a mango smoothie.
this tea, i brought from home. we ran out of tea, so i had to bring it from home. is this okay?

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